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We offer more than 50 different background screening products and services to serve you. Should you need credit reports, employment references and verifications, driving records or drug screens, we've got you covered!

We believe in a hands-on approach to a people centered business. We pull from over 1300 databases and sift through over 600 million records (most instantaneously) and offer unbelievable access to customer service and support.

Enhanced Nationwide Search

Enhanced Criminal and Sex Offender Search of over 1,300 databases (about 200 more than most of our competitors) to obtain conviction records in all 50 states. It includes Social Security Verification, Alias Name Check, Address History and more. We also search every single state's Sex Offender registry individually for you, in real time (with over 450,000 photos).

County Criminal Search

As most felony and misdemeanor cases are filed in county courts, this search is a highly suggested tool for uncovering criminal records. County criminal searches return information from the court records in which the conviction is recorded. County criminal report may include information regarding the degree of the offense, offense dates, case numbers, filing dates, defendants, counts, trial dates, verdicts, disposition, disposition dates, and sentencing information.

Federal Criminal Court

All Federal Criminal Search searches all US Districts within a state, the US Marshall's Office and includes only those offenses that are Federally prosecuted (such as violations of Federal law enforced by the FBI, DEA, ATF) as opposed to local and state law. We offer this product in a District, State and Nationwide search. Note: Federal criminal records are not pulled/available at the state nor county level, thus are not included in the Enhanced Nationwide or County Criminal.


Returns Motor Vehicle Records per state

Employment Verification

Will validate and align applicant or volunteer's completed employment form with official records/verification

Education Verification

Will validate/verify applicant's education

Credit Report

Instant Individual Credit Report

Business Credit Report

Credit Reports on business entities

Paperless Drug Screening

Offering 4 and 5, 9 and 10 panel paperless urine drug test performed at nearby clinic (US only)

International Criminal Records Search

Available in over 250 countries and territories to provide insight into criminal activity outside the United States. Call us today for details.

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