Datasource Marks 30 Years of Trust, Experience and Longevity in the Background Screening Industry

Datasource Marks 30 Years of Trust, Experience and Longevity in the Background Screening Industry

Datasource Background Screening Services, an industry leader in background screening, marks its 30th anniversary, showcasing its legacy of trust, experience and longevity. With a primary focus on hiring, volunteer and tenant screening services for clients across the U.S. and particularly in Kansas City, Datasource has become synonymous with reliability and innovation in customer service-focused background screening.

Protecting Those Who Can't Protect Themselves

"In an era where one wrong decision or oversight can wreck credibility earned over years, Datasource is steadfast in our commitment to protecting those who can't protect themselves. The importance of trust in environments involving volunteers and vulnerable populations can’t be underestimated," says DeeAnn Myers, vice president of Datasource.

For organizations where trust is paramount, Datasource addresses the critical need for comprehensive background screening of staff, volunteers and others involved with creating safe environments. Datasource educates clients, ensuring built-in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as dispelling the myth that one central database holds all necessary background check information.

Myers explains, “With expertise gained over 30 years, Datasource’s team navigates thousands of sources across the world, U.S., states and counties, understanding the nuances and intricacies of each so we can confidently provide our clients with accurate information.”

As a founding member of PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association), Datasource has been a guiding force in the industry for two decades, contributing to the establishment and maintenance of best practices in background screening.

Thirty Years of Industry Leadership and Innovation

"From our humble beginning with a row of eight fax machines to our current position as an industry leader, Datasource's history reflects our dedication to experience and innovation," says Jessica Larson, director of operations at Datasource. “Everyone deserves to have a job, just not every job. Background screening at federal, state, city and county levels requires knowing where to look and what to look for. We go the extra mile with everything we do, from answering the phone by the second ring 98% of the time and employing rigorous quality assurance processes to two-person manual verification on certain results to deliver accurate and reliable results.”

Staying Ahead, Educated and Compliant Results in Industry Longevity

"Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our ability to stay ahead, stay educated and stay compliant," adds Myers. "All applicable management and staff at Datasource are FCRA certified. Additionally, we proactively keep current on diverse state and federal laws through CFPB and FTC advisory opinions and letters, a host of other industry-related articles, and attending the annual PBSA Conference.”

Datasource also pioneers new services and products, such as AI-driven social media searches providing insights into character. On-site marijuana breathalyzers are available and capable of detecting usage within the past four hours for workplaces where safety is vital.

Myers explains, “So much has changed over the course of 30 years in how background screenings are conducted. Even in the electronic age, Datasource remains a tight-knit team, each one of us dedicated to our community. We love providing small nonprofits, businesses, churches and schools with the same level of information as bigger organizations get from big providers. And even when we’re working with the larger, national clients, we understand decisions made based on screenings have an impact at the community level.”

About Datasource Background Screening Services

Datasource is a Kansas City area-based B2B background screening provider with a 30-year legacy of trust, experience and longevity. Serving clients nationwide, Datasource offers comprehensive solutions for employee, volunteer and tenant screening and specializes in background screenings for camps, churches, franchises and workplaces. Datasource is actively seeking dedicated professionals to join its team. For more information on our services or career opportunities, get in touch here.