Background Screening Solutions

The Datasource Difference is Simple, Smart and Safe. Our process streamlines your workflow and eliminates the guess work. Whether you are an Employer, Educator or Volunteer Coordinator, we have the right solution for you.


Employers turn to us for their employment screening needs because of our ability to work with them on an individual basis to meet their needs. We offer compliant screening solutions that meet the needs of all employers, regardless of their business size.

Manage Risk
Employers need to ensure the workplace is safe. Our solutions allow you to be confident and secure, knowing you have everything you need (and are allowed) to know when hiring new staff.

Maintain Compliance
Litigation claiming non-compliance by prospective employers has grown exponentially in recent years across industries. Our compliance support, both at onboarding and annually through updates automatically applied to your account, provide you with the necessary information to create a defensible program.


As an educator, screening students and new faculty is just one responsibility of many. Our solutions for academic institutions are specifically designed to help manage high volumes of students and faculty that need to meet screening requirements before enrolling in programs, assigned to clinical sites, or serving on staff.

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Save Time
Our automated solutions save you time, keeping you from cumbersome processes and tedious oversight. And, our comprehensive solutions can meet all of your screening requirements - no more time spent managing various vendors. Partnering with us allows you to focus on other important tasks at your facility

Manage Risk
Determining which students are qualified for your academic programs helps you avoid potential liability issues. Optional annual re-checks will help ensure that clean records remain clean records.

Volunteer Coordinators

Coordinating volunteers is hard work; adding a background screening program to the mix can make it even harder. Datasource is proud to serve non-profits throughout the U.S. with specialized volunteer screening that meet your needs for safety and security. Automated technologies simplify the application process, and we offer special pricing to our non-profit clients.

Manage Risk
In today's world, volunteer screening is an unfortunate necessity. Our background screening solutions are tailored to help protect your non-profit organization from those who may want to harm you or your assets. Our built-in compliance management helps protect you from legal risks, too.

Lower Cost
We offer special pricing to non-profit organizations so you can focus on accomplishing your mission while minimizing the burden of overhead costs. If it means that the money will go to helping someone in need, we will gladly defray a portion of the cost.

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