About Us

Datasource began as a small, family-owned, county reporting agency. We sent people to local courthouses to check physical records. As the Internet grew, so did we! Now we offer some of the most varied background checks in the industry - all online, to keep costs low. And, we're still owned by the same family, not a faceless corporation.

Custom, Robust Solutions

We can tailor the background screening process specifically for your organization. Utilizing our paperless, online tools helps you automate and manage the background screening process for all of your applicants from start to finish! We're constantly learning and familiarizing ourselves with changes in Federal and State laws, along with best practices to keep your company or organization up-to-date.

Customer Satisfaction

Our entire company is based in the United States. You will always talk to a live person (during business hours); we won't force you to navigate an automated system to reach a real person. That's how much we believe in customer support!

Custom, robust background searches plus fantastic Customer Service - it's a winning combination. That explains why our company has had one of the industry's highest customer retention and satisfaction rates for over twenty years.

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